We’re excited to share that we’re removing our 65,000 waitlist and making Playbook generally available to anyone that wants to optimize their finances so that they can achieve financial freedom faster.

In just a few months, Playbook has helped members identify a combined $130M in future savings. We’ve done this through optimizing tax savings so that our customers can take advantage of compounding interest over time and start building wealth today. Today, your dollars can be a part of that growing number too. 

There are many ways we optimize tax savings. For instance, 67% of our customers were able to save significantly more by adding or adjusting their Roth IRA, but they didn’t realize it. We’re able to provide custom guidance around this quick and easy win. As we say, beating the stock market is hard but beating the tax man is easy - and reliable. 

Optimizing tax savings is just one (very important) component of a solid financial plan, which is why today we’re announcing that Playbook will also handle the rest of it, including investments. 

Our comprehensive approach that takes into every aspect of your finances, including investments, retirement, emergency funds, and your spending. Most “robo-advisors” do very little actual advising, and so we want to provide you with a better option.

We hope that Playbook can be the single source of truth for people that want to feel confident in their finances and know they’re doing everything they should be doing to reach their goals. Try signing up today so you can better understand where there’s areas of opportunity within your own finances and where we can help.