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November 2023 Release

Last month, we rolled up our sleeves and whipped up some fresh features to iron out the wrinkles in your financial journey. Let’s dive in and explore what's new!



November 3, 2023

2 minutes

What's Playbook? We're your friendly guide to paying less in taxes (legally!) and putting your money in the right places automatically. Money stuff can feel hard, but we’re here to help along the way.

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      1) Tallying up your tax savings

      With Playbook Plus, we’re now shining a spotlight on the tax-saving magic we’ve been working behind the scenes all year round.

      We'll quantify the YTD benefits of:

      • Smart location: Placing your investments in the tax-friendliest spots.
      • Tax loss harvesting: Making lemonade out of market lemons.
      • Tax efficient rebalancing: Keeping your portfolio fit and tax-trim.

      2) 2x minimum ROI guarantee

      In the Playbook Plus plan, we’re now spelling out your ROI (Return on Investment) and throwing in a snazzy 2x ROI guarantee1 on accounts with more than $49K in assets.

      How it works: We track every dollar that we save on your taxes through our tax-smart investing strategies. If those savings aren’t worth at least 2x what you paid Playbook at the end of your first year, we’ll automatically refund you the difference.

      It's a win-win!

      Learn more: Playbook Plus ROI Program Terms & Conditions

      3) Hassle-free account transfers

      Tired of playing financial hot potato with your accounts?

      Gather up those IRAs from the far reaches and nestle them snugly into Playbook. Ah, feel the serenity of having your nest eggs in one comfy basket!

      Coming soon

      • Easy-peasy transfers from brokerage accounts.
      • Rolling in those old 401Ks without a hiccup.
      • Need to chew the financial fat with a coach? We're here to chat.

      Stay tuned, as we’re always stirring the pot to come up with more ways to enhance your Playbook experience. Your journey toward mastering your finances just got a notch easier and we’re stoked to be part of it.

      Have any product suggestions or request? Just email the product team.

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