Get on the road to financial freedom.

With the right financial plan, you could retire in your 40s. And you can get a great plan without paying the high fees of a financial advisor.

Typical financial advisors charge between $200-$400/hour*, Playbook makes tax-optimized financial planning simple and automatic for a fraction of the price.

Playbook vs.
a typical wealth advisor.

Easy to try
No AUM charge
No hidden fees
Cancel anytime
Wealth advisor

Playbook never charges AUM fees.

Many robo-advisors like Wealthfront or Betterment charge AUM fees. They take between .25% and 1.0% of all your assets under management each year.

Over your lifetime, that fee can add up. Plus, it incentivizes them to keep your money invested with them instead of helping you buy a home or pay off debts.

That’s not how we roll.