We all get a lot of advice about our money.

Some of it is good, some of it is bad.

But almost always, it’s incomplete.

“Buy index funds” 

“Contribute to an IRA”

“Max out your 401k”

Sound familiar?

Hopefully it does, because it’s all good advice!

But, ultimately, it’s point-solution advice.

It doesn’t explain how all of those accounts should work together.

It doesn’t help you build a financial plan.

Up until recently, you would need a financial advisor to help you do that - one that is often difficult to vet and expensive to work with.

There needed to be a better solution. 

It’s why we built Playbook.

Playbook makes building a financial plan simple and stress-free.

We show you how your money should flow through your accounts, and then we automate it.

It’s your own personal financial advisor (at a fraction of the cost).

And, because we want you to see how easy Playbook makes it to manage your money, we want to give you 7-days to try it out, 100% free.

No catch, no commitment, cancel anytime.

Ready to see how your money should work for you?

Try Playbook.

Founder, David Hegarty