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We’ve raised $7M in funding to help you reach financial freedom

We’ve raised $7M in funding to help you reach financial freedom



February 16, 2024

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What's Playbook? We're your friendly step-by-step app for growing your money and minimizing taxes so you can live the life you want, sooner. Learn more

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      It’s a big day for us at Playbook! We’ve raised $7M in Series A funding, led by Telstra Ventures, with support from our founding venture studio Atomic. The world has changed a lot since we first launched Playbook in 2021, and the new funding will help us expand our offering accordingly. 

      The Power of Automated, Holistic Financial Planning

      It’s more important than ever for people to start doing the right things with their money early on. Simply connect your bank account, and we find missed opportunities to build wealth. Our app helps people uncover tax advantages, and avoid up to 35% in taxes by maxing out tax advantaged accounts. Think 401(k), Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, HSA etc. Then, based on your finances, we craft a holistic, customized financial plan that is fully automated. Your investments should be smart, adaptive, and perfectly dialed into your plan. We help you do that with customizable risk profiles and multiple, unique portfolios.

      “Playbook’s focus on educating, simplifying and automating long-term wealth building for gen Z and millennials has democratized financial planning for a new generation of consumers who have largely been ignored by incumbents. The company is fundamentally different from other personal finance apps and is the first to truly consider the complete financial picture – income, spending, taxes, retirement, saving, and investing and executing on a personalized, financial plan. Playbook is well on its way to becoming a generation-defining tool.” – Yash Patel, General Partner, Telstra Ventures

      Introducing Playbook for Work 

      As a part of today’s news, we’re also sharing an important product milestone. Playbook is already used by employees at Amazon, EY, Deloitte, Google and Salesforce, showing strong demand among employees at top workplaces.  Financially stable employees are motivated employees – when your team sees compounding growth on every paycheck, people can do their best work, and stick around longer too. That’s why today, we’re launching Playbook for Work. 

      In addition to all core Playbook features, Playbook for Work offers dedicated support teams, and in-depth reporting so businesses can understand utilization. According to our own research, 72% of young people prefer to handle finances on their own and are not inclined to hire a financial advisor, which makes our on-demand, app-based support ideal for the modern workforce. 

      With today’s news, we’re one step closer to powering financial literacy and smarter decision making for young people everywhere. If you’re ready to build your personalized financial plan with Playbook, get started today. If you’re a member of the press that wants to learn more about what we’re building, shoot us an email at hello@helloplaybook.com

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