Pricing to grow your wealth, not take it away.

If you ever change your mind, you can cancel at any time.


$9 /mo

Best if you have assets under $29k

+ Build an airtight financial plan
+ Minimize your tax bill
+ Boost your net worth
+ Personalized 1:1 onboarding support

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Playbook Plus

$59 /mo

Best if you have assets over $29k

+ Everything from the Essential plan
+ Advanced algorithmic tax-saving strategies
+ Tax-efficient asset location & withdrawals
+ 2X Playbook ROI for subscribers with $49K+ in Playbook accounts, or your money back Learn more

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Which plan is for me?

We believe in only for paying for features you’ll actually use. You can switch plans whenever you need to, for whatever reason.

Tax-Advantaged Accounts



Tax-advantaged account setup and management

Back-door Roth IRA conversion

Financial Planning



Personalized financial plan

Management of short and long-term goals

Automated saving and investing

Inclusion of spouse’s income, 401(k), and net worth

Linked external accounts for an all-in view

Tax-Efficient Investing



Low cost, diversified index funds

Automatic rebalancing

In-kind transfers of external accounts

Advanced tax loss harvesting in taxable accounts

Tax-smart asset location and withdrawals




Credentialed US-based support team

1:1 Onboarding available on request

Early access to new features

Tax Savings



Customized plan for minimizing your tax bill

Detailed breakdown of current year tax savings

ROI tracking based on Playbook Fees

Playbook ROI Guarantee Learn more

The sooner you start, the more time your money has to grow.

Playbook vs.
a typical wealth advisor.

At Playbook, we believe wealth building is for everyone. While typical wealth advisors charge between $200-$400/hour*, we make growing your money simple and automatic for a fraction of the price.

Wealth advisor

Playbook never charges AUM fees.

Many robo-advisors like Wealthfront or Betterment charge AUM fees. They take between .25% and 1.0% of all your assets under management each year.

Over your lifetime, that fee can add up. Plus, it incentivizes them to keep your money invested with them instead of helping you buy a home or pay off debts.

That’s not how we roll.


Is there a trial period?+

Of course! Our plans start with a risk-free 7-day trial, which is plenty of time to get your personalized financial plan and optimized tax-savings strategies.

Can I switch my plan after I sign up?+

You sure can. You can switch plans whenever you need to, for whatever reason.

Do I have to invest a certain amount of money?+

No, there are no investment minimums! We’ll recommend a plan of action, but you’re in complete control of your money. We can automate your savings and investments, but only if you want us to.

How do you keep my financial data safe?+

Privacy and security are our top priority. We keep your financial information safe with bank-level security, 256-bit SSL encryption, and read-only access.

Translation: Your personal information is safe and secure with Playbook.

Does my spouse need an account also?+

It’s not required! To create your financial plan, we will ask you to provide information on your spouse’s income and savings so you can see your household’s full financial picture.

Your spouse only needs an account if they want Playbook to manage separate accounts that aren’t part of your financial plan.

What is the Playbook 2X ROI Program?+

In the Playbook Plus plan, we track every dollar that we save on your taxes through our tax-smart investing strategies. If those savings aren’t worth at least 2X what you paid Playbook at the end of your first year, we’ll refund you the difference! Learn more

What is your refund policy?+

We’ll never charge hidden fees and you can cancel anytime. See our refund policy here.

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