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Is Playbook licensed? +

Playbook is officially registered with the SEC as an investment advisor.

How much does it cost?+

Playbook offers two membership plans.

The first is Playbook Essential, which costs $19/month or $180/year. These are the essential features to get your financial plan up and running with the necessary tax advantages.

The next tier is Playbook Plus, which costs $59/month or $348/year. Clients on PB Plus receive advanced tax strategies such as Tax Loss Harvesting, Asset Location, and Smart Withdrawals.

How safe is Playbook?+

Privacy and security are our top priority. We keep your financial information safe with bank-level security, 256-bit SSL encryption, and read-only access.

Translation: Your personal information is safe and secure with Playbook.

How do I close my account?+

Please email our support team at hello@helloplaybook.com and we'll take care of that right away.

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