Outsmart taxes with Playbook

Playbook goes above and beyond to reduce your taxes and boost your returns.

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You won’t find all of these strategies in any other investment app.

Different types of investments get different tax treatment.

Tax strategy is all about organization. Our algorithm constantly reviews your portfolio to make sure every dollar is in its proper place, like the Marie Kondo of tax planning.

We reduce your taxes by keeping investments with higher cash flow potential (think dividend stocks & REITs) in the right tax-friendly accounts. And you never have to lift a finger.

1. Smart location

In investing, losing money is bad…

...except when you know how to tax loss harvest.

Investment losses can be used to offset your taxable income1. We automatically harvest losses and rebalance your portfolio so you can get a discount on your tax bill.

2. Tax loss harvesting

There's a right way (and lots of wrong ways) to cash out.

Let us handle it. Just tell us how much cash you need, and we’ll make tax cost-effective withdrawals from several of your accounts, rebalance your portfolio, and make sure you don’t overpay to access your cash.

3. Smart withdrawals

Start investing like a tax genius