Make your employees wealthy.

Your team is at the heart of your success. With Playbook for Work, your employees can get the most out of their paycheck and 401(k).

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Dedicated support

Lean on your dedicated success manager for a smooth, easy launch.

Tracking & reporting

Monitor adoption and engagement across your team.

Loved by teams!

Playbook is loved by teams. Give your employees the gift of financial security.

What’s in it for you?

Motivate your team.

Financially stable employees are motivated employees. When your team sees compounding growth on every paycheck, they can do their best work (and stay longer too!).



Save time and energy.

Spend fewer HR hours helping your team navigate 401(k)s, HSAs, and IRA options.


More bang for buck.

You put a lot of money into your 401(k) and matching program, but your younger employees are likely not taking full advantage. Playbook helps make your existing benefits program much more impactful.

What’s in it for your team?

Young salaried employees want to be better with money.


want to be savvy with financial planning.

Most employees don’t know how to tax strategize.


do not know what a backdoor Roth IRA is.

Most employees will not work with a financial advisor.


say they like to handle their personal finances on their own.

Employees want an app that does the job of a financial advisor, but better.


say they’d be interested in an all-in-one software service.

Employees want an all-in-one app for financial planning.

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Source: Independent survey of 239 respondents between the ages of 25-45

Playbook is used by employees at:

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