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Set your plan in motion

The last step of the core onboarding flow is going to be establishing your Playbook automation settings.

Similar to a 401k that automatically pulls money from your paycheck, with Playbook, we can pull funds directly from a checking or savings account to then disperse throughout the financial plan you’ve created.

First up is going to be determining your monthly transfer amount. Once you enter your intended transfer amount, you can expand this tab here to see how funding your plan will be prioritized.

Next up, similar to overdraft protection at a bank, you can set your balance protection threshold which is the dollar amount we will not withdraw your account beneath.

On the next screen, you can select your source account, or the account the funds will be drawn from, as well as the day of the month you would like the transfer to initiate. Please note that you can edit or disable these instructions on the dashboard at any time.

Then, once you agree to the terms and conditions, your Playbook Automation setup will be complete!