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Tax Strategy

Identify your tax advantages

Once you submit some information and verify your email address, you can begin building your Tax Strategy with Playbook.

By clicking ‘get started’, you will enter into this flow to identify your current year tax advantages and make a plan to maximize your tax efficiency.

If you have a 401k, you will start by clicking here. This screen serves to tell you a little more about the value of a 401k, and once you’re done, you will land on this page to confirm the 401k information you submitted during sign up. Don’t worry, you will have the ability to link your 401k, but that step is not required for this portion of the process.

Moving on, you will then be able to set up an IRA that makes sense for your financial plan. In my case, Playbook is recommending that I include a Roth IRA in my plan, and will ask if this is an account currently in my financial picture. If I answer yes, I can link my existing Roth IRA to the platform, and choose to use it through Playbook! We will not change your existing investments in this account, we’re simply consolidating this information as we build your plan.

Alternatively, you can open a Roth IRA through Playbook and learn more about historical performance, as well about the makeup of the actual portfolio. There are no additional Playbook fees to open/manage an account - this is all covered in your subscription. If everything looks, good, you can go ahead and confirm your new account and, with that, you have finished setting up your Tax Strategy with Playbook!