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Fine Tune Your Plan

Customize your priorities

Next, I will have the ability to Fine-tune my Playbook Plan - this will let me tell the platform how I would like to prioritize my goals, relative to my retirement savings progress.

On this screen, I will see my projected goal achievement timeline, as well as the retirement account contributions I will be making along the way.

Additionally, Playbook provides a projected net worth impact to give you an idea of how much your current year retirement savings could grow by the time you’re 75.

If I would like to adjust my goal savings rate, all I need to do is drag this slider to see my updated timeline, as well as my updated retirement account targets. This is a great tool for understand opportunity costs in both the short and long term - in my case, buying a car in 3 years instead of 5 is projected to cost me about $15,000 in my long term plan.

Once I make a selection that works for me, all I need to do is select continue.

Next up, I have my bonus savings goal. This goal is to identify how I would like my surplus investments to be allocated. In other words, if I’ve maxed out all of my retirement accounts and all of my goals, how would I like to invest my residual Playbook contributions.

We give you the option to select an account and, once you hit continue, you will have completed fine tuning your plan.