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Extra ways to manage your plan

Next, I want to cover some additional features to help you tailor your Playbook Plan.

First up are going to be manual accounts. Not all institutions, or assets types, can link to our platform, but we still want you to have the ability to include these within your plan.

To get started, head to the ‘Accounts’ tab and opt to Add a new Account. Then, once you select ‘manually add an account’ you will be able to enter this asset’s information, including its category, name, dollar value, and ownership information.

Next, I would like to show you how to categorize existing accounts in your plan. Sometimes, accounts can be mis-categorized so we want you to have the ability to correct this information.

To do this, all you have to do is select and account you’ve linked, hit edit, and update the account type.

Lastly, I will show you how to edit which account balances are being counted toward certain goals. To get started, head to the ‘Your Plan’ tab and select a goal. Then, select the small I next to ‘contributing accounts’. Here, you can customize your goals by adding Plaid linked accounts, and manually added accounts to your different goals to make sure we have an accurate understanding of your progress!