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Financial Foundation

Set your financial safety net

Next, we will tackle your Playbook Financial Foundation.

Think of Financial Foundation as your ‘rainy day money’. You don’t want a short-term set back, or job loss, to throw off your long term plan, which is why we help you plan for the unexpected.

First up is your Emergency Fund. Our recommendation is to keep two months’ worth of expenses in cash. We provide an estimate of your 2 months’ expenses, however, you are free to edit this information for a more accurate picture.

Next, all you have to do is select an account you have linked to the platform and tell us about the progress you’ve already made in this area.

Once I hit continue, I will have completed my Emergency Fund.

Next up is your Reserve Fund. Similar to your Emergency Fund, your Reserve Fund’s purpose is to help you prepare for unexpected financial hiccups. We recommend 4 months of expenses for this portion of your plan, and give you the option to invest in a brokerage account, whether linked on your own, or created through Playbook. Either way, once you select your account and hit ‘continue’, you will have finished setting up your Financial Foundation!